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Big Red Rec Bingo - March 8 to March 30, 2017

Join Cornell Recreational Services for Bingo with a twist! Big Red Rec Bingo is played with a traditional bingo board that we have customized to illustrate various fitness and wellbeing opportunities on Cornell’s campus. The 25 bingo squares contain fitness and wellness challenges such as checking out various fitness centers and group fitness classes, trying new exercise equipment, doing “deskercises,” stretching, and/or meditating…all with the goal of helping you optimize your fitness and wellbeing opportunities at Cornell. You can be entered into prize drawings (from The Cornell Store) for every bingo you earn, and be entered into the grand prize drawing if you complete all 25 bingo squares.

You must have a current CFC membership or Wellness Recreation membership to participate. Sign up here to be sent your Big Red Rec Bingo board. Happy Bingo-ing! Questions? email: