Cornell Intramural Sports

The goal of Intramural Sports is to establish fun and inviting playing environments for all skill levels. More than 30 leagues and tournaments are offered to the entire University community each school year. Participation opportunities for men’s, women’s, and co-recreational play are provided. Contests, meets, leagues, and tournaments will be offered in various formats.

Activity Calendar - Summer 2015

SportOnline RegistrationCaptain's MeetingSeason DatesEntry Fee
Recreational & Co-Rec
Slow Pitch Softball
May 31 - Jun 25 (noon)Thur, Jun 25 - 5:30 PM
Jessup Fields
Jun 29 - Aug 5$60


Get Started

  1. Create an account on IMLeagues.
  2. Create a team or sign up as a free agent.
  3. Register for the activity during its registration period.

Read the Sign-Up Guide for more detailed instructions.

Schedules, registration dates, and other pertinent information will be on IMLeagues. Team captains and/or individuals should check IMLeagues for upcoming events and schedule changes. No game information will be given over the phone.

All policies are in the Intramural Handbook.