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Proudly serving all staff, faculty, retirees, and their spouses/partners in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and well-being. We provide educational opportunities that empower individuals to make healthy choices for themselves.


February Is

National African American History Month
Learn while being active. Visit a multitude of park sites dedicated to African American history and culture. View Museum exhibits, go on a travel itinerary, or read indepth histories and interviews of famous African Americans and how they shaped the United States.

Staff Picks

"Risley Dining is now certified gluten-free and tree nut and peanut-free, and better than that, more delicious than ever. What I love is that I see their kitchen much like a “scratch kitchen” where they make everything in house. House made salad dressings, gluten free main and side dishes, desserts…amazing. - Ruth Merle-Doyle, Cornell Wellness staff



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For Individuals

Cornell Wellness offers free wellness consultations, lectures, workshops, and more to the Cornell community.

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For Departments

Cornell Wellness offers department specific workshops and support for supervisors and employees to promote well-being within work units.

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